We guarantee that if there is one resonating feeling you will take away from having watched the latest instalment of the Mad Max franchise, it will most certainly be the incredible VFX work. Jacek Irzykowski, Compas-Lab’s Art Director, was an integral member of the team at Iloura contributing his exceptional matte painting skills. While at Iloura, Jacek worked on the external shots for ‘The Citadel’ scenes, which are showcased in the article link below.

Starring the talented Tom Hardy and Chelize Theron, scenes from the movie are often dramatic and intense. Calling the environment ‘epic’ would not do this masterpiece justice. The production flawlessly captures the thrills and spills of this electrifying film.

Find out more about Mad Max Fury Road and the VFX work made at the Iloura Sydney office: http://bit.ly/1GMpPu3.

And of course, if you haven’t seen the movie already, don’t waste another minute…run to your local cinema right now!